Welcome to the Black sea

Eurteck ltd is a young and dynamic company. We have a registered office in Varna and warehouses and offices in Sunny Beach close to the most important marinas of Bulgaria. We operate throughout the coast of the Black Sea with our range of products for the recreational craft and throughout Bulgaria and neighboring countries for lighting products and solar energy. We deal with distribution with direct delivery of the product in the shortest time possible (usually within 48 hours). We have a well-stocked and partners across Europe that allow us to quickly meet the needs of our customers.

The coast of the Black Sea with its 378 km of mixed sand and mountains is becoming an important destination for nautical tourism. There are about 130 km of beaches that attract millions of tourists every year. Eurteck ltd meets the needs of the market by providing nautical accessories and spare parts, we also provide energy saving solutions such as LED lighting and solar power systems.

We also produce some electronic products and accessories such as battery chargers, power inverters, mobile phones, energy control systems, bulbs and other LED lighting systems.

Our warehouse in Sunny Beach

In our warehouse in Sunny Beach are stored thousands of different products for the recreational boating

Our warehouse in Sunny Beach

We provide a prompt service to our customers trying to find the necessary components if not available in stock as quickly as possible.

New line of Battery Chargers

Available from 06-2014 the New Line of Battery Chargers made by Eurteck with selector for traditional batteries, GEL, AGM and Lithium.

  • Tel: +359 877117881
  • Opening: Tue/Sat 09-12:30/14:30/19
  • Email: office@eurteck.eu
  • Website: www.eurteck.eu
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